Is It Possible That Your Best Friend Become Your Soulmate?

It’s been often said that a best friend is your soulmate. Can a best friend become your soulmate with time?  As friendship is supposed to be the foundation and basis for every kind of lasting relationship in existence. Friendship is a strong kind of feeling and very akin to love without being love. I hope that this makes some sort of sense? Close friends can start out as friends and later become lovers. But even if they don’t become lovers. They’re still destined as true soulmates.

Best friends are without a doubt some of the most special people around for us. But the underlying question is as follows. Can a best friend become your soulmate? The answer is definitely yes if it is so preordained to be with regards to romance and so forth. But even if two people share nothing but a platonic bond. There is still the reality that they are soul mates in the heart which is the most important thing. Because if two people no matter the gender share the same likes and are alike in personality and whatever else. There is most likely to be a tie between them that will never go untied even down through the years. Friendship is love without being love. Even if two people aren’t alike and are total opposites from each other in description altogether per se. Opposites still attract for some reason and people become lifelong friends because of the mutual affection that they feel for each other. So yes a best friend can become your soul mate if all the factors are there and it is destined to be.

Soulmate defined as a word means two people who are joined together in heart by a deep and lasting feeling of affinity. Affinity can range from friendship to love to compatibility. So not everyone who are friends are lovers too. It’s just what is meant to be on the average. Because while some people are forever friends. They aren’t at all lovers. But sometimes two people can turn out to be both to each other at the same time. It’s just what Fate has in store for two individuals as a rule. One knows that they cannot change the hands of Fate. Nor can we argue with what is predetermined to be in the long run. So all we can do is go along with the natural flow of things and that’s it.

Soulmates are also two people tied together by spirituality like no other. The original idea was that the twin soul or twin flame is regarded as being the key soul to search for. This is the main soul that the other half of our soul is looking for and sometimes cannot find right away. Sometimes the process of hunting for that missing half of ourselves is a journey that seems like it will never end. But somewhere down the line our soul comes together with that missing intangible other half of our heart that we’ve had a hard time finding.

Each one of us has a unique soul mate out there that is only ours. Sometimes the search for them may seem like it will never emerge.

Yet it does occur somewhere in our lives we just can’t determine or say when it will come about. Only God knows this and he is the one that lets it transpire if he so wills it. A soulmate isn’t just someone who is your lover and partner in life. A soulmate can be anyone who is very dear to you and these include a best friend or friends, mother, father, sister, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, mentor, teacher, the list goes on. The true definition of a soul mate is that special person or persons with whom you share an affinity for that knows no end and who has made a major impact on your life in some way.

Therefore a best friend can be just as much a soul mate as a lover would qualify to be. But they are viewed only in different terms and the love comes naturally in various forms and varying degrees. Anyone that you love deeply can be your true soul mate in the heart due to the strong feeling of shared affection and regard that you bear them.

As a soulmate is someone who lives in your heart for their own very special reasons and meaning to you overall.

Best friends are for life. But a soulmate is eternal. There’s a vast
ocean between the two to many people. But the one thing that binds
all of them together is that they are each a soul mate of the heart to
one another and that bond is unbreakable.

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