What do men really want in a partner?

Men as they say are simple species, as long as the basic (primal) needs are met, all is well.  But are they as simple as they sound in looking for a possible mate? Sometimes questions are raised, what do men really want in finding their love interest? As we all know, different folks with different strokes, but let us squeezed the most “liked “qualities of a woman that are usually or majority of guys would agreed upon.

Let’s here it from the real men!


Personal Style according to Mr. X-factor

While the male mind might easily be distracted by the flashing of an unholy amount of skin, it’s not generally something that will keep us occupied long term. We’re not all really that shallow and typically much prefer a woman who dresses for the occasion with a little class and elegance – it’s why you just don’t see that many guys actively pursuing relationships with Vegas showgirls or Jessica Simpson. It’s certainly important to wear a spectacular ball gown to a VIP event and to have a hot clubbing outfit ready to go, but we also appreciate a pair of ripped jeans and singlet when lazing around the house or a business suit and stockings for a client meeting. Fashion isn’t always about dressing up or dressing down and it certainly isn’t about showing us everything as guys definitely prefer to leave some things to the imagination. Give us variety, substance, and show us that you have a personal style all of your own, because clothes don’t just maketh the man and we do pay attention!

Sense of Humor according to Mr. Hangover

My great grandfather always said laughter was the best medicine, which is I guess why several of us suffered from never-ending whooping cough. At the conclusion of an everlasting work day, most of us are lethargic, irritable, and suffer from an intense desire to burn anyone who gets in our way. A great sense of humor, a keen wit, and the sly ability to laugh at anything even remotely amusing will therefore alleviate a lot of life’s pressures and dramas. Everybody loves to laugh – the most successful movies, plays, and television shows have always been comedies. Life is way too short to take it seriously and so the most attractive quality a woman can have is to keep those around her in constant amusement. I keep in close touch with an ex-girlfriend to this day for the sole fact that we can make each other laugh like very few others can, and I guarantee that every guy out there is looking for similar fun and frivolity.

Intelligence according to Prof. Geek

While it is generally thought that men are fearful of women whose intelligence is superior to their own, nothing could be further from the truth. No one expects their significant other to be able to expertly discuss and analyze the geological topography of the People’s Republic of Chad, however, social intelligence and a keen interest in the world around us are qualities that will take most people a long way. In any sort of social scenario, we will be introduced to people who are well read, widely traveled, highly educated, and culturally curious, and it’s important that we are able to converse in type. Therefore most guys I know will always look highly upon a girl whose knowledge and interests are extensive and varied, and who is clever without resorting to grandstanding or the belittling of others. It’s been said before that sex and intelligence are the dual cures for boredom, and for single guys it’s not often that both are readily available in the same package.

A Knock-Out Feature according to Mr. Bachelor

While guys would be lying if we said looks were not important, they maybe do not carry as much weight as most ladies would think. A woman does not have to be drop dead gorgeous with the body of Elle Macpherson and the face of Cleopatra for our interest to be tweaked. If you were to ask twenty guys what feature they found the most attractive in a girl or noticed in the first instance, you would quite likely receive twenty different responses. Some guys are derriere obsessed whereas others search for a Mercedes Corby picket-fence smile; some appreciate curves and booty while one of my mates has a strange obsession with well shaped ears. While you probably have no idea what that guy you have been eyeing at the bar for the last couple of hours looks for and prefers, you will certainly know what your own knock-out feature is and everybody certainly has one, whether it be mysterious eyes, sensual lips, lustrous hair, a killer set of buns, a gym toned stomach, or rose petals floating out of your cleavage a la Mena Suvari. Whatever it is, play it up, work with it, enhance it, own it. If a guy notices and admires your best asset, it’s more likely that he will transfer that admiration over to you as a whole.

Confidence according to Mr. Business suit

Nothing is more attractive to me than a woman who breezes into a room like she hasn’t a care in the world. Carrying yourself with an aura of poise and self belief is a quality that will have male heads turning wherever you go. In this respect, confidence is channeled from someplace deep inside and it’s not an easy thing for men or women to fake or imagine – confidence can only be realized from a supreme belief in your own power. Watch your cat the next time it enters the room and acknowledge how it watches you with a curious mix of superiority, detachment, and impenetrable unflappability. While initially it will be difficult to stop yourself from throwing its smug face out the front door, you somehow are left working even harder to garner its love and approval. Confidence between the sexes prefaces innocent teasing, harmless flirting, and a sense of danger and mystery that allows for the transfer of power in any personal relationship. This will more often than not have any guy eating directly out of the palm of your hand.

Definitely, there are qualities missing here, but what do you think guys? What other qualities are important to you?Are the written above qualities is too much too asked?

Ladies, what are the qualities you look for in a guy?


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