Lovely Singapore Terminal

When we travel and needed to stop over an airport for 4 or more hours before heading to your next destination, don’t we all wished that the airport will be convenient enough to have a little bit of rest. I have seen some airports in the US, some in Australia, Japan, and some in Southeast Asia But amongst these huge and high tech airports, one stand out in my opinion and that’s Changi Airport of Singapore. I guess its because of too many areas for a weary traveler to rest and have a nap, or to read books, click on your laptop/tablet or just have a quiet moment for yourself.


We are not talking of long metal  chairs (arggg!) Aside of course for all the duty free scattered all over the terminal (T1-T3) and claiming they were the cheapest of all duty frees hmmm 🙂 And if you’re not too tired you can just stroll the airport and be entertained 🙂

Ok let me give you a glimpse of what I’m talking about; Let me share you Changi Airport 😉



SG airport

This flight schedules are all over the terminal, if your flight will be 8hrs after u arrived…check later its definitely not posted yet.


This is information center, you can ask for the password of the FREE wifi…great isn’t it? 😎

As I walked inside the massive airport I felt recharged ! 😉


Singapore airport

This lounge is a good spot if you want people watching, and a good view for women because its one of the duty free for cosmetics and beauty products…

singapore duty free

SG airport

This area is new , children would love this Jurassic park theme and also good for picture taking 🙂

singapore duty free

Singapore airport

This is one of my favorite spot in the terminal, usually this area is a bit quieter until that airport car or vehicle (don’t really know the name), that helps transport old people or other people who needs that, it has siren and that bothers me…not happy but I still lie down and rest my tired body.

Time to eat…I stroll and found a good place to eat.

singapore airport

After eating, I strolled the airport and looking for another quiet area to rest (again).


singapore airport


singapore airport

Some of their beautiful orchids in the airport…

singapore airport

I need to go to the loo…of course expecting to be well maintained hey it’s Singapore!

singapore airport

singapore airport

Ok after relieving my self and did some re-touch..then off I went and you will noticed a little screen on the wall before the exit to give your feed backs. I clicked ‘excellent’ 🙂

singapore airport

As I continued to stroll I saw give the passengers idea where they are and how big is Changi Airport.

singapore airport

And these giant newspaper, bottle and can were so cooool! I liked all of them seriously!

singapore airport

I stopped and sat down in this area of the coffee bean shop which was again quiet, I have the whole row by myself which was NICE! hehe


I checked some goodies to buy but I found it expensive, I’d rather spend my SG $ in duty free which I did!


Oh before I’ll totally forgot that I need to bring some spirits for my hubby, I went to this Liquor duty free, its big and have a lot of varieties from cheap to expensive ones.


Then back to my favorite …PERFUME & COSMETICS! Weeee I need to get some perfume, its way cheaper than Australia!



After your purchased you are given a ticket for a chance to win a million dollars! But there was a long queue so I told myself forget it! haha


Another good spots to wait 😎



I started to get tired again after entertaining myself inside the airport, honestly, it’s worth strolling! But I waited 7 hours already and my body starting to weaken haha and still have few hours more to wait…bugger!


They’re not happy as well haha!


Even a rich country like Singapore still asked for donations…but hmm people are not that generous it seems…thinking ahh you can manage! haha!

As I headed towards my supposed gate, I found this spot in T1. It was so nice to lie down here over looking the tarmac.




Now I will catch up some sleep here before embarking to my next journey! zzzzzz

Till next time ! Hope you enjoyed reading it 😎

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