Exploring Bali the Island of Gods

DSCN9201The long wait is over … Our first trip to Bali had finally materialized! We’ve heard alot of travel stories about this famous island in Indonesia, now it’s our time to explore and savor what Bali could offer!

We touchdown Denpasar Airport in Bali, Indonesia 25 minutes earlier than our scheduled arrival of 1:15pm, great we said! But it took as almost an hour to get out of the airport. The immigration was so busy, with seven  immigration officers against 150 more or so on the queue. Finally get over it and got our luggage. Exchanged some money in the airport not much competition there, all prices were quoted the same, 9,400 Rupiah to one Australian dollar.

We went out to look for our driver as I have arranged a driver to pick us up and bring us to Ubud. The amount of people/driver waiting there was massive so it took as a few minutes to finally see my name written on a white coupon bond. Alas we said!

We were starving, so the driver said we can eat lunch first before going to Ubud as it will take as an hour or so. He recommended a restaurant in Denpasar, telling as the chicken there is so delicious that you would like to eat even the bone- quite interesting!


The restaurant was nice and they were famous for pressurized chicken, So I needed to try it myself and my hubby got himself also a chicken cooked in honey and Nasi goreng – our first Indonesian food. And my favorite watermelon juice  is a must! 8-)


Food was nice I must say, the toppings they put on that pressurized chicken helped the flavor and of course sambal gives a lot of kick to it! overall was a nice meal.

malioboro denpasar

Off we proceed to Ubud, the cultural center of Bali. We wanted to immersed our self to the quiet area of Bali so we thought.  When we entered the area, you can figured it out that it was the center for wood carvings too, I was wondering how much trees left here. ;-)

We arrived at our hotel/cottage around 4pm, we are in a good location so near everything, shops, convenient stores, restaurants and a big temple.

We ch0se a cottage that has a Balinese theme, to feel the essence being in Ubud.


The facade of our cottage was so nice, the cottage was big actually, big veranda and big room as well.

ubud, bali

They put the stuff in the veranda just in case you want to have coffee in the veranda. In the morning hot water is served in a small thermos/hotwater jug.


The swimming pool not too big, just enough for the capacity of the cottage, over looking the rice paddies.


The room is huge no complaint about that, we have 2 queen bed, this room is good for family of 4  but it lacks some comforts. The room is quite dark at night as they only have 2 small bulbs for the entire room! gee I had a hard time reading under those lights! The bathroom is of decent size with bathtub but there was not enough space to put some of your stuff :-(   Although customer service is superb!



After unpacking our things we went out to see the area. We have a good location actually, we’re very near restaurants, shops and convenient stores, as you walk, you’ll be greeted with a lot of hawkers hmmm patience is a virtue here. :-D A few meters walk is a temple and they have something going on there that night some kind of a theatre.


Not far from our hotel is the Ubud Monkey forest, something to see but not for us, we don’t like to mess up with the monkeys ;-)

I must say, it’s no longer a quiet, peaceful Ubud, it’s definitely a tourist trap now.

The following day, we went to the  tourist area Goa, Tegalalang, Tirta Umpul, Kintamani and Besakih. We we’re picked up by our tour driver at 8am. I’ll write this adventure on the next episode!

Thanks for reading, till next time. 8-)

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