6 Times Never to Be Friends With Your Ex

It’s one of the biggest clichés of all time: “I want us to still be friends.”

Ex-BoyfriendFrom statements of celebrity splits to impromptu break-up texts, to speeches in front of middle-school lockers, there is a notion in our culture that breakups should be sweet and amicable. It’s often assumed that the best way to end a romantic relationship is to magically embark on a close, happy, friendship — where everyone is thrilled, and both parties smilingly tease each other about his video-game habits or her fondness for vintage brooches.

But does this fantasy ever work out, and is it even wise to try for it? Can you really be friends with someone you dated — even if he knows you better than anyone else? Do any great — or even average — romances ever end by segueing into a strong friendship?

The answer, many times, is no. Sometimes, of course, it can happen — with time. But certain conditions must be met. Here are six signs that should tell you that “Let’s just be friends” may not be your best option (as discussed in detail in The Friendship Fix):

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The Rise of the Female Sociopath

By: Sarah Macdonald



Cersei Lannister in ‘Game of Thrones’

I will never appear in a movie. But if I ever find a magic lamp and a genie emerges to grant me wishes, I will soon star in a musical.  My genie will cast me as the crazy, cruel beeatch rather than the sweet girl.

I’d rather shoot castles of ice from my hands as Elsa than sing about snowmen like Ana in Frozen, I’d prefer to shoot flames at the scarecrow than dance over Dorothy’s rainbow and I’d sooner be the murderous narcissistic Stepmother than sweet stupid Snow White.

I’ve grown up both admiring and questioning the female villain.  The crazy, angry, loopy witches and bitches, the cruel stepmothers driven mad by jealousy and ageing, the spurned sad single stalkers turned bunny boilers and ankle breakers, the psycho mothers, the women on the verge or in a nervous breakdown, the ambitious wives who manipulate their husbands to murder.

Claire Underwood-House of Cards

Claire Underwood in House of Cards

But even Lady Macbeth felt remorse.

The new female villainous character in town has none.  She is the sociopath.

Psychopaths and Sociopaths actually don’t exist anymore as a official diagnosis in the US and Australia.  In the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for professionals they now come under ‘Antisocial Personality Disorder’. Yet they remain in popular use as interchangeable labels for people who are social predators; those who charm, manipulate and ruthlessly plow their way through life, who lack feelings for others, take what they want, do as they please and have no guilt, regret or remorse.

Successful sociopaths can be very successful in business and finance, while unsuccessful ones end up in jail. Experts point out that female sociopaths are rare and men are seven times more likely to be diagnosed.

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His and her thoughts on fake boobs

Is bigger always better, even when they’re fake?

fake-boobsShe says: Hell no. It’s not worth the money, the trouble or the risks

Just the other day I was having a conversation with a friend about the pros and cons of getting your boobs done, the essence of which can be traced back to a few choice words: “expensive”, “implant rupture” and “Wonderbra”. I’m a lass with boobs that sit (rather pertly) at the smaller end of the size scale, and I’ve certainly pondered the benefits of making them bigger. But for me, it’s just not worth the cost, the risks and how the surgery can negatively impact your life.

First, they’re fake and they’re expensive. Just like heading to Thailand to buy a fake Louis Vuitton handbag, you still come back with a lighter wallet and fake goods. And from some male perspectives, fake boobs don’t even feel like the real deal.


Second, there’s the risk of cancer – not from the implants themselves but from the risk that they can obstruct the view of a tumour during a mammogram. There’s also the risk of something going wrong during surgery (certainly low by all accounts, but a risk nonetheless). And then there’s the risk of not liking the damn things once they’ve been done.

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Top 10 Countries with the Biggest Density of Billionaires

imgIt’s tough enough to earn a million. Earning a million millions might as well be a million times tougher. However, it can be done. Many people are proof because there are many people who have become billionaires.

So what countries in the world have the most billionaires in comparison to the number of the population? According to a Forbes report here is the list.

10. Switzerland – 13 billionaires/7.9 million people


The land of the Von Trapps is more than just alps, skiing and hot chocolate. Contrary to popular belief that tourism is the driving industry behind its economy, it is actually more manufacturing than anything else. The Swiss produce half of the world’s watches, but they are also home to some of the larges multinational corporations in the world including mining firm Glencore Xstrata, food giant Nestlé and pharmaceutical giants Novartis and Roche. On top of the Swiss billionaire list right now is biotech and investments giant Ernesto Bertarelli and family with a net worth of $10.6 billion. They own Serono biotech which specializes in biopharmaceuticals.

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5 Lies Your Ex-Boyfriends Are Telling You

imgThey say all is fair in love and war. I don’t know about that, but I do know that through both, you need a solid game-plan to get what you want. Make no mistake about it– ex-boyfriends aren’t here to make pals–we’re here to fuck shit up. Below are some things we’ll lie to you about with intent to destroy the emotional foundation of your world.

1. “I’m just checking in to see how you’re doing.”

Really? You’ve gone months without speaking– now all of a sudden we’re interested in finding out how you are? This is typical of a guy who just lost his supply of sex or saw a Facebook photo of you with another dude. This is the first attack in a series that will make up our lengthy campaign of mental warfare. It gives us a reason to get in touch, and makes it seem like we actually care how you’re doing. If you respond– you show your interest in us, and our foot has at least cracked the door we’re looking to barge into.

2. “I just want to be friends.”

This is the oldest, shittiest lie in the book that women fall for every…single…day. Ladies, do you really believe it? Do you honestly think in a guy’s mind he’s saying: “Yeah– that’s what I want! I want the girl I used to have sex with regularly around– just to hang out with! We can be best buds now! I just want her in my life as a dear, dear friend. Please, tell me about the new guy you’re banging!” NO! This is an easy ticket back into your life by getting you to physically hang out with us. Dinner? Drinks? What does it matter? We’re just friends! Yay!

3. “Nobody understands us.”

Hey– guess what, dummy? EVERYBODY understands your messed up relationship. Everyone has an ex, and everyone knows that they’re an ex for a reason. This is just something ex-couples say to rationalize hanging out to everyone asking “What the hell are you doing?!” “…Nobody understands us! We’re so different and unique and special!” Shut up. No you’re not.

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A New Study Suggests That People Who Don’t Drink Alcohol Are More Likely To Die Young

Alcohol drinkingnewly released study shows that regular drinkers are less likely to die prematurely than people who have never indulged in alcohol. You read that right: Time reports that abstaining from alcohol altogether can lead to a shorter life than consistent, moderate drinking.

Surprised? The tightly controlled study, which looked at individuals between ages 55 and 65, spanned a 20-year period and accounted for variables ranging from socioeconomic status to level of physical activity. Led by psychologist Charles Holahan of the University of Texas at Austin, it found that mortality rates were highest for those who had never had a sip, lower for heavy drinkers, and lowest for moderate drinkers who enjoyed one to three drinks per day.

Of the 1,824 study participants, only 41 percent of the moderate drinkers died prematurely compared to a whopping 69 percent of the nondrinkers. Meanwhile, the heavy drinkers fared better than those who abstained, with a 60 percent mortality rate. Despite the increased risks for cirrhosis and several types of cancer, not to mention dependency, accidents, and poor judgment associated with heavy drinking, those who imbibe are less likely to die than people who stay dry.

A possible explanation for this is that alcohol can be a great social lubricant, and strong social networks are essential for maintaining mental and physical health. Nondrinkers have been shown to demonstrate greater signs of depression than their carousing counterparts, and in addition to the potential heart health and circulation benefits of moderate drinking (especially red wine), it also increases sociability.

While it’s always important to drink responsibly, this is one study that warrants raising a glass.

Source: Business Insider

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Lunch overlooking Mt. Batur in Kintamani, Bali & Coffee Luwak is a must!

Mt. BaturAfter almost 4 hours of temple hopping, its time to feed our hungry bodies, It’s almost lunch time so we continued our adventure towards Kintamani where the active Mt. Batur and a beautiful lake was located. Kintamani is surrounded by the captivating nature and there are six ancient villages around cauldron of Batur Lake which is often conceived by Bali Age Village.

Kintamani is beautifully seen at the day time around 10:00 am until 15:00 pm especially having fine weather where entire Kintamani area will be able to be seen clearly. BUT, when we were here, the weather was a bit cloudy so we just make the most of what Mt. Batur could offer, can’t wrestle with climate 😉

Mt. Batur, kintamani, Bali

Generally, all tourists who visits this place will arrive in the day time where they can enjoy the panorama or enjoy the lunch in the local restaurant with lake view which we did!


We finally arrived in Grand Puncak Sari, it was not actually the place I wanted to go and eat our hearty lunch, but another beautiful lake view side but the driver said its easier to have lunch in this place so we just agreed to it. It’s an awesome place to be honest, ahhh it’s a lovely place!










We arrived in this restaurant 11:30am and still quiet, only 2 tables were occupied. It’s a huge restaurant with nice ambiance indeed! Sumptuous buffet food that doesn’t cost too much by western standards of course!






 We ate to our hearts content 😉 We enjoyed the weather as its a bit chilly,

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Temple tour of Bali and others

Bali tourLet the adventure begin…Our first activity in Ubud, Bali was to tour the temples in that area, its not inside Ubud but a few hours away, so we already arranged a tour and  we were picked up by our driver at 8am, our itinerary was Goa, Besakih, Tegalalang, Tirta Empul and had lunch Mt. Batur in Kintamani and stop over coffee is a must too.

Goa Gajah – The Elephant Cave

Our first stop- The Goa Gajah complex at Bedulu village is just 2 km south east of Ubud on the main road to Gianyar. The centerpiece here is a cave dating back to the 11th century. We paid an entrance fee of Rp 6,000 and walked a few meters going down to the elephant cave.




The entrance of which is an ornately carved demon’s mouth. Inside are some fragment statues, as well as a statue of Ganesha.

elephant cave, Ubud, Bali


elephant cave, ubud, bali

Other than that nothing more you could see inside the cave. I tried to take picture but quite too dark but I got some!



Statues stand guard around pools near the entrance. A number of the relics here strongly indicate that the site has a Buddhist as well as Hindu past.

elephant cave, ubud

The complex is of a decent size, in my own opinion not really that spectacular, just need to see it while in Ubud. 😉 The complex is open daily from 8.00 AM until 4.00 PM.

Tegalalang Rice Village

Tegalalang Rice village located on the north-south road from Kintamani and Ubud. Tegalalang is famous for rice terraces but nothing like Philippines Rice terraces though.

tegalalang, bali




The long stretched road is lined with shops from clothing to carvings. The beautiful view of the rice terraces is full of coconut trees as well. This is Bali’s agricultural tourism.



I liked the coffee shop overlooking the rice terraces, what an ambience! We just stayed around 30-45 minutes as nothing more to venture, just had some pictures and off we went to the next tourist area. We are heading to the temple complex Tirtha Empul to Penelokan Road.

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Exploring Bali the Island of the Gods

DSCN9201The long wait is over … Our first trip to Bali had finally materialized! We’ve heard alot of travel stories about this famous island in Indonesia, now it’s our time to explore and savor what Bali could offer!

We touchdown Denpasar Airport in Bali, Indonesia 25 minutes earlier than our scheduled arrival of 1:15pm, great we said! But it took as almost an hour to get out of the airport. The immigration was so busy, with seven  immigration officers against 150 more or so on the queue. Finally get over it and got our luggage. Exchanged some money in the airport not much competition there, all prices were quoted the same, 9,400 Rupiah to one Australian dollar.

We went out to look for our driver as I have arranged a driver to pick us up and bring us to Ubud. The amount of people/driver waiting there was massive so it took as a few minutes to finally see my name written on a white coupon bond. Alas we said!

We were starving, so the driver said we can eat lunch first before going to Ubud as it will take as an hour or so. He recommended a restaurant in Denpasar, telling as the chicken there is so delicious that you would like to eat even the bone- quite interesting!


The restaurant was nice and they were famous for pressurized chicken, So I needed to try it myself and my hubby got himself also a chicken cooked in honey and Nasi goreng – our first Indonesian food. And my favorite watermelon juice  is a must! 😎


Food was nice I must say, the toppings they put on that pressurized chicken helped the flavor and of course sambal gives a lot of kick to it! overall was a nice meal.

malioboro denpasar

Off we proceed to Ubud, the cultural center of Bali. We wanted to immersed our self to the quiet area of Bali so we thought.  When we entered the area, you can figured it out that it was the center for wood carvings too, I was wondering how much trees left here. 😉

We arrived at our hotel/cottage around 4pm, we are in a good location so near everything, shops, convenient stores, restaurants and a big temple.

We ch0se a cottage that has a Balinese theme, to feel the essence being in Ubud.


The facade of our cottage was so nice, the cottage was big actually, big veranda and big room as well.

ubud, bali
They put the stuff in the veranda just in case you want to have coffee in the veranda. In the morning hot water is served in a small thermos/hotwater jug.


The swimming pool not too big, just enough for the capacity of the cottage, over looking the rice paddies.

The room is huge no complaint about that, we have 2 queen bed, this room is good for family of 4  but it lacks some comforts. The room is quite dark at night as they only have 2 small bulbs for the entire room! gee I had a hard time reading under those lights! The bathroom is of decent size with bathtub but there was not enough space to put some of your stuff 🙁  Although customer service is superb!



After unpacking our things we went out to see the area. We have a good location actually, we’re very near restaurants, shops and convenient stores, as you walk, you’ll be greeted with a lot of hawkers hmmm patience is a virtue here. 😀 A few meters walk is a temple and they have something going on there that night some kind of a theatre.


Not far from our hotel is the Ubud Monkey forest, something to see but not for us, we don’t like to mess up with the monkeys 😉

I must say, it’s no longer a quiet, peaceful Ubud, it’s definitely a tourist trap now.

The following day, we went to the  tourist area Goa, Tegalalang, Tirta Umpul, Kintamani and Besakih. We we’re picked up by our tour driver at 8am. I’ll write this adventure on the next episode!

Thanks for reading, till next time. 😎

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Why we think we need more sex

couple-and-sexDOES more sex make for a happier relationship? Here we look at whether quality triumphs quantity.

The chances are that if you’re having sex regularly, you’ll be pretty pleased with your relationship. If you’re getting more nooky than the people around you – or you think you are – you’ll be even happier. A new study has found we don’t just want to keep up with the Joneses and have a bigger house, a faster car, or a better body. We want to be more successful in the bedroom, too.

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