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The high-speed health benefits of walking

fitwalkBefore you lace up those sneakers, know this. New science has confirmed that just 30 minutes of walking can dial down stress, sharpen your mind and more!

5 minutes: you’ll boost creativity

Thwarted by writer’s block? Can’t quite finish that painting? Or perhaps you’re stumped on a particularly curly problem at work. The solution could be as simple as taking a short walk, which boosts creative thinking better than sitting.

That’s according to a new US study that’s sure to be welcome news for time-poor women everywhere. While prior research shows a link between regular aerobic exercise and cognitive abilities, chances are you don’t exactly have time to squeeze in a sweat session when there are pressing problems to solve.

However, the study, by researchers at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education, found that a stroll of only five to 16 minutes was enough to deliver improved focus.

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Analysis Paralysis: How to Eliminate Overthinking and Get More Done

According to Bond (2004) , analysis paralysis involves “putting too much emphasis on the analytical decision-making process to the point where you’re stuck”. You probably recognise the feeling — you have a task to complete, but instead of focusing your full attention on the job at hand, you find yourself obsessing about past mistakes with similar jobs, wondering how you can exceed expectations or worrying about how you might not make your deadline. You have yet to begin the project, but you’re exhausted already from all the ruminating about it!

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