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5 Best Things About Being Short


Sometimes not being able to reach things has its advantages.

1. You always get to be in the front row of group photos. You’re the star of every girls’ night out selfie and/or field hockey team picture. And if you decide you don’t want to be seen, just sneak in the back row and use a tall person as a shield. You can never lose.

2. People card you all the time, because you’re approximately the same height as a middle-schooler. Nothing will ever boost your self-esteem quite like a movie theater employee checking to make sure you’re old enough to see Bridesmaids without an accompanying adult.

3. You’re pretty much MacGyver when it comes to getting stuff on high shelves. Sure, you could ask for help or use a ladder, but where’s the fun in that? You have an entire strategy for getting your favorite kind of pasta off the tallest shelf in the grocery store. It involves an umbrella, a well-timed jump, and cat-like reflexes.

4. You can wear super-high heels without getting self-conscious that you’re too tall. Now you’re just the same height as everybody else. I can see for miles from up here!



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